Enough is enough…..

I have worked out what I intend to write on my next election ballot paper: "This is not democracy.  This is lunacy.  There is only one option to vote for: The Growth Party.  Until there is a votable option for de-growth, I will not place my vote." This video from Damn The Matrix explains some... Continue Reading →

In The Year 2045

Do you have a reasonable expectation of being alive in 2045, another thirty years from now?  I expect I might have some hope of living for another 20 years or so but I would reach 100 years in 2045 and not many men do that.  My mother though met that target this year so, just... Continue Reading →

Reasonable Doubt

Like many of my blog posts, I got the idea and inspiration for this one from another source.  This one came from reading a post on TAE by Ilargi, himself a Dutch national, and therefore touched by the MH17 incident: The Day God Looked Away. What follows is a copy of something I just posted... Continue Reading →

A New Age of Global Paranoia

In the first weeks of this year of 2014 I became aware of a feeling that this was to be no ordinary time for the world we inhabit, the nations we live in, and the global civilisation of which we are all part.  I blogged about that thought at the time here: 2014, The Year... Continue Reading →

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