Reasonable Doubt

Like many of my blog posts, I got the idea and inspiration for this one from another source.  This one came from reading a post on TAE by Ilargi, himself a Dutch national, and therefore touched by the MH17 incident: The Day God Looked Away.

What follows is a copy of something I just posted on my Facebook page.

Reasonable doubt. Reasonable doubt should be a starting position on any news event. Reasonable doubt should be maintained until verifiable proof is offered.

It appears that is not a position that PM Tony Abbott and FM Julie Bishop even considered over the MH17 affair. Their latest edict “After the crime comes the cover-up” sums it up. What crime? What cover-up? It appears they may soon have large quantities of egg on their faces.

If there is a crime, then there is growing evidence that it is more likely to be a ‘False Flag’ operation on the part of the US and its puppet government in Kiev to mislead the world as to the true nature of this tragedy than it would be to assume that the DPR fighters are responsible. If there is a cover-up, then it is likely to be wholly down to those same ‘False Flag’ operators and their dirty tricks department, the CIA than to the DPR or their backers, the Russians.  The question is, who is being open about this and who is misleading?

You will not read or view any of what follows in the mainstream western media. Could that be the crime? Could that be the cover-up?

The US has pictures. Where are they? There was a US satellite over the area at the time but no pictures have been made public.  The Russians have pictures. They have revealed them fully, as reported here:

The separatist fighters of the Donetsk Peoples Republic (DPR) shot MH17 down using a BUK missile system, is the story. There is no proof of this, but ample evidence against it being likely. The DPR militia has two captured BUK systems, both reported broken, and they have no training in their use anyway.

Who else could have done this? Ukraine has 60 Buk Missile systems with trained operators, and they moved several of them into Eastern Ukraine, within range, on the day of the tragedy, July 17. They also moved them out of that area next day. Russia has supplied aerial photographs to prove this. Also, why does Ukraine cover the conflict zone with anti-aircraft defences? DPR has no military aircraft.

Was it really a missile that brought the plane down? Could it have been a military aircraft? Ukraine has stated that it had no military aircraft available that day. Not true. The Russians have supplied Flight Control radar covering the lead-up to and disappearing of MH17. (see the link above) This shows a Ukrainian SU25 fighter jet approach MH17 at the time of its disappearance from radar and the fighter can be seen as remaining in the area afterwards. Is that proof? I can’t say. I am no expert. But it says to me ‘openness’ not ‘cover-up’.

If the separatists are innocent, why keep the crash area closed for so long? They provided limited access to the press and the closest thing to investigators on arrival, but the official Malaysian and Dutch investigating teams only arrived today, the same day as the UN Security Council resolution was issued, and the separatists have now moved out of the way, providing a cease fire zone as requested and free access to investigators. They have even taken great care of the bodies of victims and sent them on their way to Amsterdam. What more could have been expected? Again, those are not the actions of criminals or an attempt to cover up a crime. On the contrary.

Why is the West, or certain elements therein (most European governments, including the Dutch, are remaining quite calm and impartial about this), so intent on blaming the DPR, labelling them as criminals, rebels, evil, along with their mentors, the Russians? What would they (Western powers) have to gain? How far would they go to distort the truth? Well, if you need me to spell that out to you, then you have not been paying enough attention to world affairs and it is not worth my while to explain it to you. Just keep Tweeting and watching X-Factor or whatever your media drug of choice is.

I hope the truth of this affair eventually is revealed. If it is, and that is a big ‘IF’, I think most people will be surprised. It will be no surprise to me.

4 thoughts on “Reasonable Doubt

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  1. Malaysia holds war crimes trial against Bush, Cheney. 2 planes down. – Coincidence?
    BRICS finalize alternative to US$ world currency 2 days before MH17 – Coincidence?
    Flight diverted by Ukraine deeper into rebel territory by 200+km – Coincidence?
    Western media INSTANTLY blame Russia with no verifiable facts – Coincidence?

    I don’t believe in coincidences…………….

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