Is this the future?

I don’t need to say much here other than that the following reblog is absolutely the case, well put, on the renewable energy lie.  The so-called ‘renewables’ are N-O-T not, the future of energy.  There is no future of energy – of the kind, and level, that we have become reliant on for our daily existence.

Renewable energy is, at best, a temporary, partial, stop-gap between a fossil-fuel driven society and a post-fossil-fuel society, which may give us a 25 year (max) step-down period to adjust to that idea.

At worst, renewable energy is a total folly, which may ensure that we have no future for our daily existence.


Idyllic scene, you might think?

Well, of course some people don’t like them and some people do, for various reasons, which I won’t go into here.

The reason for this post is to show that massive structures like this can never be part of our long-term energy future.

Here’s the base of one of those towers being put into place :

All that rebar and all that cement…..made with the energy from fossil fuels.

Next comes the tower, fabricated elsewhere, using, you guessed it, energy from fossil fuels. Oh, and that big semi-trailer thingy runs on diesel :

Whacking big crane to lift the tower into place. Fossil fuels made that, too :

Up goes the tower. What’s driving that crane? Oh, of course, fossil fuels :

There are more images where these came from, and a comprehensive analysis of how much energy it takes to put one wind…

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