Mariupol to be Liberated – In Days

The regular Ukraine military holding out in the city of Mariupol have melted away, leaving the city in small groups dressed as civilians over the last few days. Video of their commander being captured, as I suspect most of those groups were, by Russian forces can be found. If you read some reports, all that... Continue Reading →

A Little Coincidence…

A couple of weeks ago I noticed a potential early start point for the end of Arctic sea ice build in the current northern Winter/Spring season. See post. Well, now it seems beyond doubt that this year marks the earliest recorded end of ice-building in the Arctic. Is that meaningful? I don't know. That is... Continue Reading →

Et Tu, Nippon?

This is going to be a short post since the subject matter is of little interest to me as being a passing phenomenon. The Sun is quickly setting on the would-be empire of the United States. Its allies vassal states left with watching the inevitable disintegration - and perhaps being taken down themselves with that... Continue Reading →

The Best Review So Far of Russia’s ‘Special Operation’ in Ukraine – Sez I (or ‘Sez Me’, if you prefer)

Why is such essential reporting not more widely known? I refer to the self-stated 18+ electronic newssheet 'VZGLYAD', which I only just now discovered for myself - the article, linked below, published by News Front (one of my recently regular sources), originated from VZGLYAD. Having no idea to what 'VZGLYAD' referred, I looked it up... Continue Reading →

Existential War

In nations away from the action, perhaps even nations bordering the action of the conflict so timely initiated by Russia in Ukraine just over a month ago now, people are going about their everyday lives as if nothing were happening. And people living far away from the conflict zone, pre-prepared or 'conditioned' as they are... Continue Reading →

…While We Are Waiting

In the early hours of this morning, when fancies fly, I wrote my previous post - 'What to Do? ...Wait'. Not that that was any work of fanciful thought. It may yet prove, if only in part, to be prophetic. And yet, in the mind-churning hours of sleep, or semi-sleep, or dreams, an alternative occurred... Continue Reading →

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