Existential War

In nations away from the action, perhaps even nations bordering the action of the conflict so timely initiated by Russia in Ukraine just over a month ago now, people are going about their everyday lives as if nothing were happening. And people living far away from the conflict zone, pre-prepared or ‘conditioned’ as they are by constant, lifelong reports of conflict always going on somewhere in the world, may not have even an inkling of the seriousness of the current situation – for themselves personally and for the continued existence of the whole of mankind.

For them, it is business as usual. The ‘West’ will take care of it – as they always do, and whoever it is that is squabbling over some immaterial grievance, will be the loser. Life, consequently going on as normal, without much of a blip, except perhaps some things becoming more expensive for a while – which can be accepted and gotten used to by all. No problem.

Well, for those folk, and also for you and I, be assured, be very assured, that this is not how things are now. This is a moment of fairly abrupt change and, from this time on, nothing will be the same.

‘Russia is locked in a battle with the West over the future of the world’ – David Narmania, for RIA Novosti

Narmania tells how we are saying goodbye to the continuous wars of NATO and the US, which have formed the the flashy news-points momentarily over the past seven decades, fading into background noise over time, aiding and fostering the rise of extremist militant groups to replace the weakening forces of their own military units resulting from their own lapse into demoralised decadence. The better known of these groups being Islamic State and the currently favoured nationalistic (Nazi) cohorts of Ukraine – which are simply models for culturally degenerate youth throughout western lands.

Russia is putting an end to all of that, sweeping it away and burying it for ever.

Russia is working for a secure future, both for itself and, as an indirect consequence, for the whole world. The Russian people stand, or appear to stand, alone just now, but that will not always be the case. In the last thirty years, Russia has made many friends. True friends – although that has, in cases, yet to be proved. Those friends, which include China – the most populous and prosperous nation on Earth. Also India – the second most populous nation on Earth – which, while placing each-way bets for long, seems now to be baring its teeth to the west (telling UK reps not to bother coming for talks). All together, those who support or will support Russia, may well constitute the vast majority of all humanity.

The ‘west’ knows all this of course – even though they appear to be dumb and with no grasp on reality – it is all part of the charade. This is at once apparent by their abject failure to oppose anything Russia has done in the past month, or the months leading up to it. They are shit-scared of facing Russia in combat. Their only response, apart from media lies, the stupid application of rebounding sanctions and the lame transport of useless armaments to Ukraine, has been the only other ploy at their disposal – the formation of a ‘legion’ of voluntary cannon-fodder (from ex-military PTSD sufferers and online gamers) to test Russia’s metal. Well, the ‘metal’ quickly settled that affair, sending hellfire from afar, and causing those who still breathed and had working legs to scuttle with undue haste for the exits. No more new arrivals expected.

So, what about the new world that will emerge from this? I don’t necessarily agree with the points Narmania makes on that, but it is an opinion, an honest opinion, and as equally valid as my own. We don’t get to see many of those, they being drowned out by ‘expert’ opinion, which is generally worse than useless. So we take opinions and if we are wise before the event we sift through them and see what works for us personally. And then when we eventually get to compare that with what actually happens and we can judge for ourselves whether the right decisions and directions were made or not, we can evaluate the sort of leaders who have emerged with it as the new controllers of national destiny – if such prior concepts still pertain. And we can make our own calibrated decisions, and act appropriately, based on that. Maybe. Or we can dream, still, of an ideal world.

The other side of that coin is, of course, that there may be no world to dream of, for us.

So much hatred persists in this world, and it appears to be a growing tendency. Most of that hate is currently being directed against Russia. I wish I could adequately express how much I abhor that streak of evil intent in mankind. Is it natural? Is it how we have always been? How we always will be? I don’t think so. I think it has to be cultured. It has to be incubated and nurtured, through persistent torment of those considered untermensch by those who consider themselves ‘exceptional’, whoever that may be. And I don’t consider that to be natural – because it is not universal. It had to start somewhere. There is no point in pointing the finger, because there will always be an earlier causal example. The only thing to know is that if we are to continue as a species – for however long that may be our destiny – such abnormality must be eradicated – everywhere, in every dark corner of the globe.

And that, I think, is the initial purpose and drive (I refuse to call it a ‘crusade’ because that draws in other unwanted elements and concepts) of the Russian intervention in Ukraine. I mentioned myself a couple of days ago that Russia may find it insufficient to stop at the borders of Ukraine to inviolably achieve the noble ideals behind its stated aims. But an altruistically driven Russia may not have the physical capacity by itself to take the next steps – which is when, unless the rest of the world steps up to join the fight, the only step guaranteed to obtain victory (for the foreseeable future at least) would be to resort to nuclear annihilation of the forces of evil. Though that act in itself, as a temporary relief, would potentially become a causal event for the next wave of hatred somewhere in the distant future. Note: The concept of MAD no longer applies – Russia can never be depleted by current thermonuclear weapons, though for the whole world the aftermath may be a near-run thing.

Russians, I think, are opening their eyes to these things. The fact that the Saker – Andrei Raevsky – a Russian in America, has openly now expressed his anger at the emerging situation, is testimony to that. Read this to the very end…

‘One month into the Russian special operation in the Ukraine’ – the Saker blog.

Russians scattered all over the world, for whatever reason, you had better be taking this situation seriously and thinking about returning home to your Motherland to get behind the homeland of your birth before you find yourself personally attacked, injured or killed, or incarcerated as a potential threat to whatever land in which you currently reside.

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