The Best Review So Far of Russia’s ‘Special Operation’ in Ukraine – Sez I (or ‘Sez Me’, if you prefer)

Why is such essential reporting not more widely known? I refer to the self-stated 18+ electronic newssheet ‘VZGLYAD’, which I only just now discovered for myself – the article, linked below, published by News Front (one of my recently regular sources), originated from VZGLYAD.

Having no idea to what ‘VZGLYAD’ referred, I looked it up and found it to be an online news source operating from Moscow since 2005 at The news it reports appears to be – for the moment at least – mostly dedicated to all matters Ukraine, rendering it perhaps the most convenient centralised source for such news and the wider circles centred there.

I have to say that this is not just some other limply recounted story but is actually the best, by a wide margin, that I have so far found on the Russian ‘Special Operation’ in Ukraine. Most other reports on the issue being more ‘trash’ than ‘splash’. Recounted in a matter of fact manner, plainly stated (albeit some of the English translation needs a bit of extra thought and a wider understanding of the matters generally – but that is true of all machine translations), and with no dramatics, embellishments, extraneous or superfluous thoughts, rudeness, or self-patting of the writer on the back. All of which is a welcome relief. This is good, honest, reporting – in my view. And also enlightening. A number of things I learned which are not mentioned elsewhere – but no military secrets are given away. On the basis of this article alone, I give the site ‘VZ’ my hearty recommendation.

Of course I should also thank News Front for having the vision to see the merit of sharing the article – which is fresh off the press today March 27, 2022

‘Russian fleet was well prepared for a major battle with the West’ – Alexander Timokhin, VZGLYAD

Photo: source not stated (linked article)

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