Et Tu, Nippon?

This is going to be a short post since the subject matter is of little interest to me as being a passing phenomenon. The Sun is quickly setting on the would-be empire of the United States. Its allies vassal states left with watching the inevitable disintegration – and perhaps being taken down themselves with that collapse, which for some of them would be a second dose of the same ‘Fauci-ist’ medicine* – or by attempting to detach themselves from that process with a stabbing in the back their both inglorious and vainglorious leader.

Britain, France and Germany have already taken the first stabs in recent days and now it seems to be the turn of the sons of the once Rising Sun of Nippon to take up the knife in a backstabbing of their own. Japan, another second time loser, and all of them, like Britain, France and Germany, notably having taken on vassalship to the US by ‘losing’ or ‘losing out’ in some form to their current master.

‘Biden criticized in the Japanese parliament for weakness in the Ukrainian issue’ – News Front

It’s all quite boring and, in the circumstances, expected really. The sooner it is all over and done with, the sooner the world can move on, perhaps to something better and more collegial – or did I mean congenial? Perhaps both.

And that is all I have to say on the matter.

*’Fauci-ist’ medicine – any solution to anything, designed more to hurt than help.

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