A Country Divided…

In addition to dealing with endemic morale and corruption issues (see my previous post), the Ukraine military - which reports to the President - also needs to deal with the mainly right wing units of the Ukrainian National Guard - which reports to the Ministry of Internal Affairs - and which has rather different objectives... Continue Reading →

Ukraine Nazis

Think I am kidding when I talk about Ukraine Nazis?   Cop some of this from RT - Ukrainian nationalists celebrate birthday of Nazi collaborator Bandera with torch-lit marches. Photo: © Ruptly   These are the same people, rabble-roused by the CIA, who burned a number of trade unionists to death in the Maidan building... Continue Reading →

US Installs Nazi Puppets

You want proof that the Ukraine government, the puppet regime installed by the US so that they (the US) could get a foot in the door to expand NATO onto more of Russia's borders (didn't that work out well for them), are a bunch of Nazis?  Well here it is.  But, of course, we already... Continue Reading →

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