A View of Ukraine From the Vineyard of The Saker

Oh my goodness!  I have just read the most logical, sensible and revealing article, I can’t praise it highly enough, on the situation of Ukraine – particularly as it pertains to matters since the 2014 Western instigated Euromaidan coup.

I thought I knew some background to all this, and the article does reach more or less the same conclusions as I have already outlined in other posts – though in much more detail than I could possibly have expressed it.  It is in the sheer amount of detail that The Saker excels here.  If you think you know what ‘Ukraine’, ‘Crimea’, the ‘Donbass’, is all about through reliance on media sources – particularly from the West – please know that you know nothing.  This article will inform you.    

“The Independent Ukraine’s painful journey through the five stages of grief’

This gentlemen is, according to Ukronazi propaganda, a “defender of Europe from the Russia Asiatic hordes” – from The Saker article

I feel I must share – as well as the link to the original – some part of The Saker’s concluding remarks.  A great and worthy summary – but please don’t miss all the detail that precedes it.

“At the end of all arguments and theories, there is a crucial fact which cannot be ignored: the Euromaidan Revolution (which is what the coup against Yanukovich and the subsequent civil war in the Donbass are) has failed. In fact, it was stillborn from Day1 being built on an ideology which most Ukrainians did not share. Furthermore, this revolution alienated the most productive and richest parts of the Ukraine: the Donbass and Crimea. Next, the Urkonazi regime was soundly defeated by the Novorussian insurgents not once, but twice. Finally, by severing all economic ties with Russia, the independent Ukraine basically committed seppuku. None of that can be reversed or easily fixed. 

As always, in the battle between ideology and reality the latter prevailed. The outcome of this struggle between ideology and reality was never in doubt, at least not for rational, pragmatic, people, and so the blood and tears of all those who needlessly died, were maimed or had to become refugees will forever remain on the consciences of those who started this “revolutionary fire”: the leaders of the united West.”

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