COVID-19 Data Manipulation?

Over the last 3 months or so I have consistently said that the figures for COVID-19 don't add up to anything logical or even meaningful.  From mid-April onwards, the number of cases has spiralled upwards while the number of deaths has fallen - to a low of some 50% of the original daily peak, now... Continue Reading →

Just Six More Months

Six months, to a world of 'Open Slather' (that's an Aussie idiom for 'anything goes') on the proliferation of nuclear weapons and the testing thereof.  Six months.  Courtesy of the warmongers leading (or waiting to lead) the US along a path of global destruction. You think COVID-19 is a problem?  If not as a personal... Continue Reading →

Ain’t That The Truth…

This article I am sharing today, is of such high quality in terms of information and directed thought, that I am not going to say anything further about it.  Other than to make a plea that you should, if your aim is to maintain or gain a connection to the current reality of global affairs,... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year, Ukraine

Photo: © Lee Jae-Won / Reuters   This post inspired by: Ukraine officially defaults on $3bn debt to Russia; Moscow to sue Kiev in London court That's the thing about bonds, you see.  If you issue them, the folk who buy them, lending you their money for a bit of interest, expect to be paid back... Continue Reading →

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