Democracy is lost. Treason reigns. Prepare for Color Revolution in the USA.

“America’s Color Revolution” – Paul Craig Roberts

I haven’t looked at Paul Craig Roberts views in recent times – though always valued and much shared in the past (I can’t be everywhere) – and thank Christopher Paddon of the Titanic Lifeboat Academy for bringing this link to my attention.

The actions of the opponents of President Trump (even though I often refer to him as ‘Monster’) – have been nothing short of treasonous.  Those parties add ‘sedition’ to their list of crimes, if it is not already listed, by planning a color (‘colour’ to most folks) revolution in America should he somehow (and I declare he will – he really doesn’t have a viable opponent) win the November presidential election in that country. 

That plan will, whether it succeeds or not, be the end of America as we have known it.  It will result in open civil war, followed, after considerable bloodshed, by a splitting of that nation on regional lines into a number of minor states.  Five have been identified in writings I have seen (though not necessarily these names) – West Coast, Eastern Seaboard, South Central, North Central, and Pacific North West (which may or may not include Alaska).

This is happening in our time folks. Until the past few years this would be a quite unbelievable state of affairs, but since 2016 there have been growing signs of the unrest which could bring this about.  In recent weeks/months, actual plans have become openly discussed.  This is on, for real, since there is no way that Trump can lose this election against a shadow person who is a hollow, zombie opponent and, if anything, represents a bigger though ever so slightly more suave monster than Trump himself.

These two candidates, the very best that the ‘American Way’ and its so-called system of ‘democracy’ has to offer in today’s world, somehow signify the dire need for a system so decayed and rotten that has chosen and elevated them to be its representatives, for it to somehow be terminated and replaced for the general good.

The need is there. The time is right. The situation calls for it. It must happen.

The repercussions are mind-boggling and could represent either something of a new dawn for the world or the birth of an even greater threat.  Wounded beasts can also be dangerously unpredictable and ferocious.

We will all see it all. Can you believe that?

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