5 Years On Guard Of Donbass

Quite by chance today, actually while reading a post on the TASS website, I came across a reference to the LuganskInformCenter which led me to the Lugansk Media Centre and its English language version -  http://en.lug-info.com - something that I have unsuccessfully attempted to locate before. This is the media outlet for the Lugansk People's Republic (LPR)... Continue Reading →

I Heard On The News Tonight…

Something Doesn't Sound Quite Right...Heard on the news tonight:  Russian President Putin and Ukraine President Poroshenko have agreed to a ceasefire in the Ukraine conflict.My first thoughts were 'Something doesn't sound quite right here.' and 'If this is true then Chess Master Putin has made his first wrong move in this little game of thrones."Firstly,... Continue Reading →

The Lies Continue …Of Course They Do

What has changed?  Absolutely nothing.  Oh, there is the little thing of a Russian invasion of Ukraine.  Can you believe that?  Well, you could, if there was any plausible evidence.  But, the lies continue ...of course they do.Once you have gone down that path, especially if you are a national leader with a position to... Continue Reading →

Russian Aid – The Real Story In East Ukraine

These are some of the stories you will never read, see or hear in Western media. ‘I regret Russian aid convoy issue became highly-politicized’ – UN humanitarian chief Russian humanitarian aid distribution begins in E. Ukraine Solace for the struggling: E. Ukrainians without water, food crave Russian aid Mission completed: Moscow confirms delivery of aid... Continue Reading →

All Quiet On The Eastern Front

It has been quiet for a while hasn't it?  Ukraine somehow fell off the front page news list. The Kiev Theatre Company and its supporting cast Obama, Abbott & Co, having been laughed off the stage for their last little fairy tale sketch about destroying an invading Russian convoy, haven't in recent days come up... Continue Reading →

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