US Unleashes Armed Mayhem on the World

Through its boundless enthusiasm to curb the slow but relentless advance of Russian forces across the whole of Europe (not originally planned but now seen as necessary, and I agree, to completely delouse Europe of US control [that is what 'demilitarisation' and 'denazification' calls for]), the US has unleashed previously unheard of levels of global... Continue Reading →

Crimes & Punishment – Nuremberg 3

That there will be and is already being talked about, a new Nuremberg Trials 2, over the Covid hoax perpetrated on the world in 2019 and subsequent years, there is little doubt - and there is much to be revealed and paid for by those who will be shown to have acted against humanity. But... Continue Reading →

Kiev – A First Hand Account

Published February 26 and giving a first hand local account of life in Kiev - Capital of Ukraine - over the previous two days, is a brilliant and revealing story of how the living heart of that city, at first stunned by disbelief, then motivated to evacuate westward. Leaving a rats nest of berserkers armed... Continue Reading →

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