Is Amnesty International Returning to Truthful Pursuits or Simply Following the Flow?

Many years ago Amnesty International was a trusted NGO. Known for careful investigation and exposure of foul deeds. Until, that is – as I recall, though my memory is not perfect – around the time of US (and the west generally) attempt to overthrow the Syrian government through the proxying of terrorist forces. There may have been earlier slipping of the AI halo but I was not paying so close attention to have noticed prior to the more than obviously obnoxious western goings on in Syria from around 2011, which thankfully also eventually triggered Russian intervention.

I have no doubt that it was partially the work of Amnesty International which, for some unknown to me reason took the side of the west and was among those responsible for the ludicrous lies behind the ‘Evil Assad’ media portrayal. I must say that President al-Assad of Syria has always struck me (at least since I took any real interest in Syria during those years) as being one of the most pleasant characters in public life, a loving family man much loved by his own people, and one of the few men fit to lead a nation anywhere in the world. None of the others on that exclusive list being the leader of any western nation – there being mainly morons in those high positions. Which is absolutely what you would expect of nations in such an advanced stage of economic decomposition, as to which we are now witness.

But the news today speaks of some possible change in the air. Either there has been some change around in the management and disposition of the AI organisation or, and this would be an even more sad outcome if true, it is simply going with the now recognisable flow of a rapidly sinking western sunset of a unipolar world and the rise of a new order of multipolarity centred on Eurasia. That would just make of AI as a bunch of blatant opportunists, still unworthy of anyone’s trust. If, however, thay have realised the error of their ways, and in contrition are remaking themselves into a doyen of truth and responsibility, engaged in the honest pursuit of human rights – which is what I believe was the position they started from (as did so many other now corrupted NGOs) – then that would be a very welcome thing in the new, more open world we may expect to arise from the potential ashes of the current one.

Here is the story which brought out these thoughts (which are, I acknowledge, rightly or wrongly, purely my own opinion)…

‘Amnesty International reveals inconvenient facts about Ukrainian army, says US activist’ – TASS

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