Where am I?

I'm Ok.  Just hibernating  ...and trying hard not to dissolve into some miasmic sludge while curled up in a fetal position in a dark corner.  Instead, sustaining myself with this thought that came my way today...  and, no, I am not being dramatic.  "Fortunately, some are born with spiritual immune systems that sooner or later... Continue Reading →

ASEAN’s No-Brainer Choice

It doesn't pay to get too single point focussed on an issue. I missed something on my previous post, something noteworthy, and so I must return to the recent ASEAN summit to elucidate. America. In a way, despite all their wrongdoings and spiteful misadventures, it is sad to witness the undoing of a once great... Continue Reading →

Of Bullies and Barking Dogs

I have not had need to refer to Australia's Defense Minister (What lunatic gave him that sensitive job?), the Right Horrible Peter Dutton - otherwise known (by me) as 'Zombie-man', for quite some time as he has mostly been on a leash, held in some dark kennel away from the public gaze since his stint... Continue Reading →

West’s Hypocritical Humbug

I think it is safe to trot out the 'Humbug' word now that we are fast approaching the chief 'humbug' season of the year, where all normal activity of ongoing deceit, cheating, lying, and other underhand dealings, are hidden under a thin shroud of merriment and an excess of self-indulgence for a short few days,... Continue Reading →

Where Martyanov Shines

Just to show that I really do admire the work of Andrei Martyanov (following my recent post critical of his take on climate change), I want to feature his three most recent Reminiscence of the Future blog posts, appearing on my reading list today. This is the stuff Andrei Martyanov is all about, and all... Continue Reading →

How Some, maybe many, Doctors Feel

Straight, honest, open-minded, from-the-heart, reality-based talking, deserves to be shared. Which is why I am sharing this article. I also share it of course because I find it to represent the truth of how many in the medical professions must, if they care about anything at all (and I am sure most do - it's... Continue Reading →

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