Of Bullies and Barking Dogs

I have not had need to refer to Australia’s Defense Minister (What lunatic gave him that sensitive job?), the Right Horrible Peter Dutton – otherwise known (by me) as ‘Zombie-man’, for quite some time as he has mostly been on a leash, held in some dark kennel away from the public gaze since his stint as Homeland Security Gauleiter. That was a role he self-created (for himself) by amalgamating several related departments of government. I did not retain the watch to learn when, how or why he was ejected from that position for the defense job (nor the interest to search the reasons now), but he appears to have resurfaced there – whether with intent to sow seeds of malevolence or not I do not as yet know. Oh, come on now – what else would he be doing?

Anyway, he seems to have resumed his zombie role, taking a swipe with his gnarled claw in a vain and ill-advised attempt to eat China’s brains. If that portrayed image were not so delightfully amusing in its conception (only an idiot would think the idea possible), it would be quite chilling. Global Times Chief Editor, Hu, always gets to the nub of an issue…

The US, which Australia is preparing to follow when a war breaks out in the Taiwan Straits, is the world’s bully, and Australia’s role is like a barking dog. 

Hu Xijin – Global Times Chief Editor – In the face of an irrational Australia, shouldn’t China be prepared with an iron fist?: Hu Xijin

A few swift blows to the head is what Australia probably needs right now, but I think China is more relaxed (though well capable of delivering such therapy) and prepared to allow stupid westerners the space to trip themselves up and be responsible for hitting the gravel in their own, self-made, face-plant.

China, I feel sure, will not however, be so relaxed about preventing any foolish attempt by western clowns to assist in the theft or usurpation of its own home territory across the Taiwan Straits.

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