Crackle And Pop

Just thought I would throw a firecracker into the circle.  No particular reason.  Just because I can. Talking about celestial catastrophes - which I wasn't, but no reason I can't - bearing in mind that there have been previous such events which intruded into the developing history of our planet - and again, with no... Continue Reading →

Acknowledging The Change in Global Leadership

As I have said before, the 21st century marks the rise of both China and Russia as major international powers overshadowing the decline of previously influential Western states like the USA. Both nations, Russia and China, are again taking the lead in assistance to other countries afflicted by the latest medical crisis in a total... Continue Reading →

Cause For Concern

There are the usual genre of conspiracy theories going around about the US involvement in the origin of the current coronavirus situation - which I will continue to refer to as The Virus and which has so disrupted global economic affairs in recent weeks.  I have to say that while the US has its grubby... Continue Reading →

The Virus, March 29, 2020

The death rate from The Virus has risen yet again today to 18%.  Some 57,000 new cases were added in the past 24 hours, 3,500 to the serious/critical list which still remains at 5% of all active cases. I'm not going to add any more daily images of the totals, it's pointless, and you can... Continue Reading →

COVID or Not, Mid-East Still Boils

US forced into further retreats in Iraq.  COVID my foot!  It's the continual rocket attacks on their bases. Soon be time for bye-byes. That, and other relevant news, here: "Kurdish Militias Start New Dangerous Game In Northern Syria" - Southfront

Douchebag or Sleazebag?

America's choice - Douchebag or Sleazebag.  Trump or Biden. Is it more acceptable to be led by someone who is openly a douchebag or someone who is secretly (sort of, for now) a sleazebag? Okay, the world has sort of gotten used to Trump being in the Boss chair.  Sleazebag Joe Biden, a much more... Continue Reading →

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