Douchebag or Sleazebag?

America’s choice – Douchebag or Sleazebag.  Trump or Biden.

Is it more acceptable to be led by someone who is openly a douchebag or someone who is secretly (sort of, for now) a sleazebag?

Okay, the world has sort of gotten used to Trump being in the Boss chair.  Sleazebag Joe Biden, a much more horrifying prospect, must never get to park his cheeks on that seat.  I will do my part to ensure he doesn’t.

Please watch this from The Jimmy Dore Show via The Oval Circle.

There is much more, many more branches, to the Biden story of course, but this will do for now.

In the final analysis does it really matter who the US elects as its next leader? Assuming that there is going to be a next leader. Assuming also that there will actually be a next election at the end of this year, or even a nation state called the ‘United States of America’ to elect such a person. None of those things at this stage is a given.

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