Afghan Lives Matter …not apparently to Australia

Afghan Lives Matter  ...not apparently to Australia, whose government chooses to lash out at condemnation of itself and its unprincipled and uncontrollable military elements, rather than taking any criticism, legitimately directed at it, on the chin, with contrition and humility for its soldiers vile misdemeanours.  "Morrison's demand for an apology from China is a trick... Continue Reading →

“…a likelihood to succeed.”

The race to determine who will lead the United States (if such a named entity manages to survive the process) as its president, is not yet over.  Not by a long shot.  The longer the determination goes on, up until the appointed time to declare a winner, the more likely it appears to be that... Continue Reading →


Whenever an unprovoked attack is made on the territory of an independent Middle Eastern nation that does not submit to US hegemonic rule, it can be guaranteed to be at the behest of or directly linked to one or both of the zionist or zionist-backing nest of vipers, Israel or the US - joined at... Continue Reading →

Swamp Clearing Stalled

I thought four years ago that I would never again be regaled by the expression 'the haircut in search of a brain', but here it is again.  No lessons learned at all over the past four years of desultory and ill-fated swamp clearing.  Isn't that somehow more than a little sad? It is all explained,... Continue Reading →

Special Delivery…

I have something really quite special to share here today. Did you miss my writing over the past several days? This year, so far, I have written here some 384 times - that's an average of a little more than one post a day. More posts than in any year since I started this blog... Continue Reading →

A Time Of Travail

'Travail', meaning 'painful or laborious effort' - that's a good word for what awaits America, and indeed the rest of the world, no matter who comes out on top of the farcical US 2020 presidential election - and that, just as a reminder, is not a so far settled outcome. In most of my writings... Continue Reading →

Evidence of Election Fraud

I know I said yesterday that  I would attempt to not comment further on the illegality of the US 2020 election.  But at the time I had not read this article - which is a must read and especially a must watch (there is a 1hr 48min video of RNC press conference) for anyone interested... Continue Reading →

Second Term For Trump Likely

"Why Trump Will Likely Win a Second Term" Here is another article I had to think long and hard about before sharing. It contains much that I agree with, clearly stated - though a little apologetically and with I think perhaps overstated neutrality - and in adherence to what I view as the proper legal... Continue Reading →

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