Whenever an unprovoked attack is made on the territory of an independent Middle Eastern nation that does not submit to US hegemonic rule, it can be guaranteed to be at the behest of or directly linked to one or both of the zionist or zionist-backing nest of vipers, Israel or the US – joined at the hip as they are.  And so it is with the latest unspeakable offence against humanity, the slaying of a leading nuclear scientist of Iran on Friday, Nov 27.  An act presumably due to the potential ending, though that is not yet set in concrete, of the administration of US President Trump.  Although a number of similar such attempts have been made across the past decade.

These vile perpetrators, showing little imagination and making no attempt to cover their actions, must know that Iran will retaliate – as the US military discovered to their great loss (a destroyed drone control base and upwards of a hundred casualties of one sort or another, though never acknowledged) over the unforgivable assassination of Iran’s General Soleimani in Iraq at the very beginning of this year of sorrows – not yet ended.

I don’t think the retaliation will be militarily based this time – although it could well merit that type of action – but is likely to be something much more subtle, in keeping with the offence.  And it will come at a time of Iran’s choosing.  Not necessarily soon.  “Revenge is a dish best served cold”.  Iran will not, I think want to be held responsible by the world for providing an excuse for Western interests to start what could well escalate into a global conflict.  At least, not just yet.  It is the wrong season for that, and in any case the wise will want to watch and see how the West implodes, weakens, and self-destructs over the next little while.  I want to observe that phenomenon too.

Meanwhile, Iran must mourn the loss of one of its great achievers, once again, as a result of the devilry of the usual unprincipled gang of villains.

“President Rouhani: Iran to Retaliate Assassination of N. Scientist” – FARS News Agency

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