2022 – The Grand Finality

The current conflict in Ukraine was needed by only one of the two major world military-economic blocs. The fault rests entirely with the western bloc. The west created conditions which Russia was forced to answer with a military intervention. This was a fatal error for the west, which had finally seen the writing on the... Continue Reading →

Want A Dose Of Reality?

Want a dose of reality?  You're not going to like it. I'm always happy to share Jim Kunstler's outlook on life from his ClusterfuckNation blog. Here's the latest: Repricing Reality (and, no, he hasn't misspelt 'lede'). Supporting, to some extent, my own prediction that 2016 is going to be a year that begins a Dark... Continue Reading →

Another View

Image: Women draw drinking water on the banks of the dried-up Vakaria lake at Vakaria village, west of the western Indian city of Ahmedabad, May 14, 2011. REUTERS/Amit Dave   The World Economic Forum is not a place where I would normally go to find the information that I like to share, but they do... Continue Reading →

Not Crying ‘Wolf’

Yesterday it was the Royal Bank of Scotland with their: Sell everything ahead of stock market crash, say RBS economists.   Today it is Albert Edwards, strategist at the bank Société Générale with: Beware the great 2016 financial crisis, warns leading City pessimist What would they know, right?   Well, it is not as though they... Continue Reading →

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