2022 – The Grand Finality

The current conflict in Ukraine was needed by only one of the two major world military-economic blocs. The fault rests entirely with the western bloc. The west created conditions which Russia was forced to answer with a military intervention.

This was a fatal error for the west, which had finally seen the writing on the wall, indicating that the time was up for Anglo white man’s exceptionalist adventurism at the world’s expense.

While the origins of western demise could arguably be placed earlier, this all began back in March of 2014 with the crude US overthrow of a Ukraine government the US didn’t like – having never seen a government outside of itself that it did like. The reasons no longer matter. It happened. And it was a step too far, as far as Russia was concerned. The world has been simmering on the edge of destruction ever since. And Russia, realising its own existence was now under threat began building the conditions with which it could deal, if it came to that, knowing it eventually would, and whereby they could silence the west once and for all, aided in part by the west’s own self-destructive path. A path from which it was impossible for the west to divert without bringing on its own earlier and unaided end.

Let me now give some background to those accusations.

After I settled into life as a blogger, which began for me during 2012, I gradually came to the conclusion that it was possible to predict with some accuracy what would be the main feature of the next year before the end of the previous or by the very beginning of the year. If I look back now I may be able to see some earlier statements but I specifically want to bring to your attention my first important announcement for 2014. I said that would be 2014 – The Year Everything Changes.

There was no hint of a ‘Maidan’ event when I wrote that – at least not visible in my viewing scope. I was more interested in climate change, financial collapse, and sustainable living back then. And so, in the piece I wrote around that theme in January of 2014 there is little thought of the end of western civilisation by other means. But somehow I knew that this was to be a watershed year for humanity.

The west was indeed desperately looking for something to ease its own problems. Pilfering and destroying the economy of a Russian satellite nation seemed like a good idea. Perhaps even an essential component in their plan for immortality. This was indeed the beginning of what has become known as ‘Russophobia’, the object of which was to tarnish the name of Russia around the world by any means possible. The bringing down of a civilian aircraft filled with westerners and blaming Russia for the foul deed also seemed like a good idea. It mostly worked, if not for the utter implausibility of the situation – which the unevidenced verdict of the kangaroo court of European heritage has summarily failed to dispel.

This atmosphere of anti-Russian sentiment likely played into that nation’s decision to intervene with military support for Syria in 2015, an action continuing beyond today and turning the tide of western expansionism. There has been no successful western imperialist adventure since that time, nor even much of an attempt to force one. A good indication, when taken alongside the US disastrous hasty exit from Afghanistan, troubled existence in Iraq and now the gimpy response to Russia’s ‘invasion’ of Ukraine, that the west has nothing left in the tank which would enable the bloc to cause further sleepless nights anywhere in the world. The joint Russia/Syria stand displayed for the west and to the gaze of the world, that such would no longer be tolerated. An essential component of western stability – the raiding of smaller nations for their resources – was brought to a complete halt, reinforced by its recent utter failure to turn Venezuela, and Russia’s unexpected, without warning, ‘first strike’ into Ukraine, The west’s big stick approach now reduced to little more than a regime of sanctions. A ploy which has also proven to be mostly ineffective, and leaving the bloc with little hope but to face and survive an imploding future for all its parts. It might have stood some sort of chance to maintain a global presence for itself if it had been able to turn aside from the path its natural instincts drive it along, but I doubt such a move would have even been considered. Russia in fact has given the west more than adequate opportunity to make such change – all to no avail. And so the moment has now come to bring a merciful end to the Anglo-Saxon led western project once and for all – by whatever means it takes.

Russia, and China, since they now stand firmly together, with India seemingly forming the third side of a triangle, allied with a host of friendly states, including an emerging Iran, are now ready to form a new and progressive world order of peace and cooperation among all peoples to replace the disastrous 80 year roughshod reign of western authority. A move the west is now powerless to prevent – leaving it cast aside, soon to be alone in its own isolation.

Another prediction I made a couple of years later, back at the start of 2016 was that the world was entering a new Age of Darkness. It was around that time President Putin made his historic statement “If the battle becomes inevitable, make the first strike.” He has made several subsequent and equally historic statements. Most of them at least superficially ignored by the west. Global affairs have observationally become increasingly darker since that year. The current year of 2022 has all the appearances of being the darkest yet. I have seen no reason to make further subsequent predictions. Content to watch our slow progress through that tunnel of darkness – until now. It has been six years of groping in the dark and a full eight years since the initial inception of our slide – resulting in stagnation and decline, leading to the last ditch, two year long, but now failed attempt at total global control in the form of the ridiculous COVID saga (also manipulated by the west) which will peter out in the final weak assault on China with a new variant specifically bred (as will no doubt be proven) in US biological labs in Ukraine and possibly Mongolia. Through the murky lens of that failure we now see why the west so much needs a war with Russia. A war the west cannot hope to win, but which they hope will finally bring down the curtain on humanity. But even that will fail. Russia will, and is seen to be, prevailing. Bringing a flicker of light at the end of the tunnel.

There is now, a detectable gleam of hope – framed of course by the fires of other pressing issues still to be faced – a gleam of hope that after crass westernism has been finally subdued and relegated to the rubbish-bin of history, the world can unite with a single purpose to co-exist peacefully, joining together to battle perhaps the bigger problems that also threaten our existence on planet Earth.

The Grand Finality of 2022 is for the end of the west in its current form. I feel certain that is only months away now. It does not necessarily have to be the end for all of us, as part of the price for that accomplishment. Or does it? Maybe another Russian ‘First Strike’ is on the cards. By the end of this year we will know, one way or another.

And then, whoever remains will need to face the other troubles which also lie ahead. Perhaps the population problem, one of the bigger issues we face, will have partly been solved by then.

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