Goodbyeeee Darwin!

The Darwin I am talking about here, is the city of Darwin, principal city of Australia's Northern Territory, not the overrated scientist and explorer Charles Darwin, whose leaky 'theory' on evolution (though retaining some merit) still hangs around as a dubious foundational scientific basis for describing the development of life on Earth. No, I am... Continue Reading →

Not Just Another BRICS In The Wall

...but the wall is being built. And BRICS is just the foundation stone. Better to be part of a wall standing against future troubles than to face them alone or in company of those incapable of cooperative effort. 'Everybody wants to hop on the BRICS Express' - Pepe Escobar - The Cradle - October 27... Continue Reading →

My View of Lira’s View

Gonzalo Lira, in case you didn't know, is an American who lives, by choice, in what is still, for now, the Ukrainian city of Kharkov. He is therefore close to the action of the conflict in that, also for now, country. He is an educated man and, if he chooses to express an opinion, what... Continue Reading →

Australia – The Untrustworthy Nation – and that’s how the US likes it

When is Australia going to become a nation the rest of the world can trust? Repeatedly, for decades now, perhaps most of this century at least - and perhaps more - the Australian people have been subject to gross mismanagement, shameful disservice and global embarrassment by its 'two-party-one-policy', swings and roundabouts, Federal government, which has... Continue Reading →

On Desperation and Dirty Bombs

I know I should say something on this, though I am not entirely sure what that should be. That desperation hangs in the air across the northern hemisphere of our planet, is indisputable. It is centred mostly within the halls of empire - Washington, London, Brussels, generally across Europe, and particularly within the Verkhovna Rada... Continue Reading →

‘Peaceful Modernization’ With Retained Sovereignty or ‘Neo-Medievalism’ Under US Hegemonic Vassalage

That is the choice facing this modern world. And there is still a choice to be made. The recent historical record shows how every nation trying to develop outside the Washington Consensus is terrorized at myriad hybrid war levels. This nation becomes a target of color revolutions, regime change, illegal sanctions, economic blockade, NATO sabotage... Continue Reading →

Things That Do Make A Difference

While there are good, solid, reasons for pointing out ideas and information which is widely spread and readily absorbed but, being based on lies or distortions are not good material on which to feed the mind and in the end, though too late by then, will be revealed as having been unworthy of attention, I... Continue Reading →

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