Things That Do Make A Difference: M.A.D. is Dead – and – The Closure of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle

This is a real game-changer and it reveals why the US wanted, and started, the current Ukraine conflict. They know it is the end of the line for them and their Global Domination operation. A desperate final act of power play which they are now too weak to win.

First, let it be known, and I have said this a number of times recently – there is now no such doctrine as M.A.D. (Mutually Assured Destruction) which has hung like a sword of Damocles over the heads of mankind since the early ’60s, and the Cuban missile crisis.

M.A.D. is Dead

OK, you don’t have to take my word for it, and I don’t expect anyone to do that anyway. The situation is now claimed by a writer whose work is generally taken seriously – Larry C Johnson in ‘FORGET M.A.D., CAN RUSSIA DEFEAT THE UNITED STATES IN A NUCLEAR WAR?’. The capitalisation is his, not mine, but perhaps this is a subject deserving of being shouted from the rooftops.

Put briefly, the world is now safe from the mental cases running the US who, in a saner world, should have been rounded up and locked up long ago. The US has, as I have said before (and I think it merits a self-plug), no capability of destroying Russia with a nuclear attack – First Strike or not. This is not to say that they may be able to inflict some damage to that nation’s territory, but nothing widespread. On the other hand, Russia is truly capable, the result being unavoidable, of totally destroying the US, whether as a first strike or as retaliation to an attempted assault by the US. It also goes without saying that this also applies to any misguided attack by western allies of the US. There is no doubt that the whole of the west would be left as smoking, radioactive ruins, largely devoid of population the remnants of which would surely die sooner or later as a result. While Russia would remain a largely viable, functioning economy with most of its population untouched.

If that is not something which makes a huge difference to the perspective of global thought today, then I do not know what would.

But there is more. Much more, Very much more.

The Closure of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle

In fact this is epochal and something I never thought would be announced or even capable of being brought to fruition. And it is the very reason that we are now on the doorstep of a nuclear disaster for the western allies today. This marks the end of the line for the global western dominance of international affairs of the past 77 years (I can be so precise because that is exactly how long I have lived here – so far – not that that has any bearing on the matter). And when I speak of western dominance I speak of course of US dominance, because the west exercised such practices long before those years, becoming global in nature under the US, only in my lifetime.

The announcement of which I speak has given cause for me to doubt much of what I have held to be the fortune and fate of mankind for several decades now. No longer can I accept a miserable end to our species from lack of resources or energy to continue the kind of growth necessary to maintain a valid civilisation at some level. Those views may no longer apply. There are other eventualities which could still end our charmed run as major dominant species on this planet of course, but lack of space, lack of resources, lack of energy, nor a certainty of imminent self-destruction are among them. Nor is the miserable future as a slave race to US overlords that has been planned for us for so long by those evil psychopaths. They will not have any say in this, nor any power to deflect us from our future course. Russia and China and the majority governance of most other sane and peace-loving nations will ensure that.

I have said enough. Read this VZGLYAD article with an open mind, and be amazed and startled at the prospects of what this can mean for us all. Interested? Does the prospect of no more nuclear waste, no more weapons-grade plutonium, excite you? Russia has the answer. America is powerless to stop, pervert, or steal it, or divert it to their own benefit. They lost the race and, if they don’t come to heel, they will play no part in its future. Go for it! Read on…

‘Russian nuclear scientists have made a “Breakthrough” for all of humanity’Dmitry Vinnik – VZGLYAD

Russia’s “Breakthrough” project has been in development for years and now it is announced that the pilot site has been connected to the grid. Russia is not known for making unjustifiable claims and so this can be taken as being a working demonstration of the principle.

Read some project background here and here.

I am still unsure of the possibilities for space exploration or exploitation that may be opened up, there are too many elements of that which are of great danger to mankind and our frail, earthbound bodies, but it does give good reason for pursuance of Russian and Chinese goals for at least further discovery of our own planetary satellite.

‘Which side are you on: Russian Space or the American digital concentration camp?’

Dmitry Vinnik – VZGLYAD

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