What Is The Australian Government Doing? They’ve Sold Us Out To The Damned Yankee Pindos!!

Dumb, weak-minded, stupid bastards! I became an Australian citizen forty years ago because I saw in the Australian people a sufficient independent-minded attitude that we would one day gain a sovereignty as a nation from the old, already decayed empire of the previous two centuries, and stand on its own feet as a pillar of... Continue Reading →

End of the Road for US, EU & NATO

As I was saying yesterday (previous post), We Are In The Death-Throes Of An Old World And The Birth Of A New. And We Expect That Process To Be┬áPeaceful? Calls for peace are a waste of time and effort. Russia will decide the kind of peace and the time for peace. No-one else gets a... Continue Reading →

Do I Have A Treat For You Today?

Well, not just a treat but a veritable feast of heart-warming, confidence building, viewpoint verifying, outlook affirming, news and confirmative assurance from - and 'in full flight' - Geopolitical Analyst, Pepe Escobar. Skillfully providing the setting and background to that, is interviewer Danny Haiphong (The Left Lens broadcast). Rarely does such an interviewer take a... Continue Reading →

The Quiet Rehearsal

While world focus is on events taking place in Eastern Europe and West Asia, another stealthy (in terms of not being loudly broadcast) operation is being undertaken further east in Chinese coastal waters. This is, if the US chooses to make a contest of it, a rehearsal for the end of US naval power and... Continue Reading →

No Trace of Right Attitude

Maybe in another 50 to 100 years, if ever. My devotion and support for Russian President Vladimir Putin went up a further notch today when I read his remarks to the newly accredited US Ambassador, made at the routine accreditation ceremony for new ambassadors in Moscow, held yesterday. I cannot tell this revealing story without... Continue Reading →

The Three Amigos of West Asia

"Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore," said Dorothy. No, we're not, says I. I can see we are now living in the wonderful land of Oz, with its own three amigos in search of Courage, Brain and Heart, its crowds of Munchkins, its sleeping fields and other dangers all presided over and kept in a state... Continue Reading →

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