Everything Begins To Fall Into Place

Until very recently my work – I call it work, even though it is unpaid and also something I relish doing – was largely concerned with arguing for necessary change. Because nothing seemed to be going right in the world. We were all heading for Hell in a Handbasket, as the saying goes – a saying I have used more than once in previous years. You may have felt the same way. The same anguish for the world to turn. For those who were causing all the trouble around the place to either stop doing that or simply be taken out of the picture. Although such things didn’t seem to be actually possible, the way things were.

Suddenly, or seemingly suddenly, all that has changed. There is renewed hope in the world. And those who are still plugging the old memes of everything is falling apart and there is no hope for change, seem to be strangely out of place and out of touch with the new – let’s call it a ‘wave’ – of fresh hope that somehow things are going to work out after all.

I have tried to pinpoint when this began and I can’t identify the catalyst as being there much more than a year ago. In fact, if I had to stick a tail on the donkey with a pin, I would identify the closing months of 2021 as the place to look for it. Of course now that we can look backward at this, we can see a certain build up taking place. A coming together, even a growing together of certain nations to combine their weight as a recognisable force for good and for change. Those nations were Russia and China, and to some extent the other nascent group members of what is known as BRICS. These being joined as further strengthening by organisations such as the SCO and AEAU, together forming a more or less solid base for further developments for good.

That was all very well, but it needed something more. A little more backbone strengthening if it was ever going to compete with the massive – or at least massively perceived – power of the western group of nations. Which has now been revealed as a house of cards, ready to tumble.

And then, in December 2021- January 2022, the final showdown took place. Russia had had enough of the prevarications and general insolence/ignorance of the west’s big chief – the US. And at that point (stretching over those two tense months) Russia somehow found the backbone we all hoped for so long that she would, issuing an ultimatum (shhh, don’t mention that’s what it was, to the Russians) that something of a military nature would be needed to settle the matter once and for all. The west scoffed at that. Of course, that’s what idiots do. I expect that now they wish they had given the matter some serious thought instead of scoffing, because they signed their own death warrant. Or at least signalled the end of their power and a relegation to the sidelines of world affairs, perhaps for ever. The die has been cast.and there is now no stopping the gargantuan machinery of history from unfolding the way it must. None of it favouring the west.

So, what does all of that mean? Especially what does it all mean for me? Well, it means – and I have only just come the realisation of the fact – that I no longer have to argue for change. All the things I was ranting about for so many years are now being sorted the way they should be. I can – mostly – just be a reporter of events as they unfold. That is going to be a necessary function because even we who have laboured with and for this, for some time, still find it difficult to keep up with the pace at which things are now changing – to the point where it is difficult to understand where and how it will end. So those folk who have maintained a steady disinterest in global matters must be severely bemused and befuddled by what is now occuring, and must be living in a state of disbelief.

Here is an article – I don’t need to say much at all about it – which illustrates what I am talking about and indicates some of the unbelievable movements and shifting of positions going on all around. I find it simply marvellous, if even a little bewildering even to myself. And I cheer on the great rearrangement of the world situation encompassing the whole of Eurasia, Africa and South America. And I welcome the overshadowing of the unwelcome and vile history of the west.

‘Saudi Arabia makes its Eurasian shift’ – Agha Hussain, on The Cradle – April 03 2023

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