The Man Who Lives Without Money

Photo credit: The Man Who Lives Without Money.  The Man Who Lives Without Money. I'm not recommending this as a course of action (since I am not prepared to do it myself, until I need to - although I have given the idea consideration), but it is clear to me that one day we all... Continue Reading →

Today I Mourn The World

So, what's so special about today?  Nothing really, or nothing that I am aware of.  Except that every day is special in its own way.  No, I mourn the world pretty much every day. I can remember when life was simple.  It didn't stay that way for long but during my early years when there... Continue Reading →

Millennial Disengagement

"Have millennials given up on democracy?" Asks The Guardian Photo credit:  Young people demonstrate in Lyon against a new labour code they called ‘an unprecedented offensive against the young’.  Photograph: Konrad K/Sipa/Rex Shutterstock "...young adults are deeply sceptical about democracy". They should be. Except that perhaps the system they are basing that opinion on is... Continue Reading →

A Tale Or Two Of Cities

Take a look at the real America.  No, no, not the Wall Street version.  Not the Post-GFC Recovery mythical government statistics version.  But the one that reveals a country on the road to ruin.  'A Country Breaking Down'. Elizabeth Drew's review is quite revealing. You might find a good book title or two, too, to... Continue Reading →

A Statement Of Importance To All

As a proud supporting member of the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance (the only activism, albeit passive on my part, that I allow myself to engage in these days), I am happy to share the statement (see below and here on Facebook) read out on the State of Food & Agriculture in the Asia-Pacific Region at... Continue Reading →

Scrofula Fever

"Let's Make America Great Again", says Trump. "America never stopped being great", says Hilly Billy Clinton. Kunstler says (and I guess that is why I love him so much): "I guess she’s been traveling around the strip-mall wastelands of Carolina failing to notice the carnage that lays upon this land like a mortal scrofula. America... Continue Reading →

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