The Man Who Lives Without Money


Photo credit: The Man Who Lives Without Money. 

The Man Who Lives Without Money.

I’m not recommending this as a course of action (since I am not prepared to do it myself, until I need to – although I have given the idea consideration), but it is clear to me that one day we all will have to live without money.  Simply because money is an illusion and illusions tend to have a short lifespan.  Our own money illusion is already way past it’s use by date.

Living without money is not easy.  Others have tried and most have died.  This man only survives on stuff freely given by others, supplemented by roadkill and foraging.  But what happens when all the dumpsters are, and remain, empty?  When there is no more roadkill due to an absence of road users?  And people have nothing more to freely give to others? 

What does all that tell us?  When we have of necessity to live without money, not many of us will be able to do it.  Most will perish.

At the very least there is a requirement, a prerequisite if you like, to grow and tend and nurture and prepare and protect your own food supply (and of course to first obtain a continuous supply of potable water).  There are no guarantees of continued or even initial success with this.  It will be far easier in some places than others, and to attempt to do so without prior experience comes with a high risk of failure.  In this instance, failure means death.

Think carefully now in order to give yourself, and those you love, the best chance of making it in a moneyless and therefore orderless and lawless world.  That world could come much earlier than anyone may think.

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