NATO’s Death Wish

It is reasonable to surmise that NATO will shortly die anyway. That is an unstated but undoubtedly implied premise of Russia's Demilitarisation and Denazification program now being rolled out, beginning with a clear-out of the ugly side of Ukraine - which statement is a socio-cultural reference rather than geographical. No such D&D program in any... Continue Reading →

Image – Self-Explanatory – Choose a Team (No fence-sitting)

I choose Red Team. It's where most folk live, everything is made, resources are most plentiful, enjoys the friendship of most nations, is where the future (if there is to be one anywhere) holds most promise, and Blue team presents no credible alternative. Image from a Chinese spokesperson, Zhao Lijian - found on Saker... Continue Reading →

“…and they know this.”

Ok, two questions arise. What is "this"? And who knows it? The second first - because that is how I generally operate. You don't go in the front door if there is a back one. And you always read a newspaper from back to front. At least you did, when you used to read newspapers... Continue Reading →

Australia, a Nation Lost

I read this today (I find more reliable news on TASS than I do back home)... 'Australian Prime Minister promises to take up Julian Assange's extradition case to US' - TASS Is the new Australian government demonstrating the development of a microscopic fledgling proto-spine? They would need to start from scratch because the previous government never... Continue Reading →

[In St. Petersburg, the world’s new powers gather to upend the US-concocted “rules-based order” and reconnect the globe their way]

Oh what delight in those latest words by Pepe Escobar (link below). A salve to the soul. What better gift to the world could the expanding new world powers, slipping easily and cooperatively into their destined role, offer to us? It is like a ray of light piercing the dark gloom of long-suffered western oppression,... Continue Reading →

The Most Dangerous Time

I wasn't intending to do another post today. Hey, I need some fun time too. But I just watched a new video by Gonzalo Lira. I am not always overly impressed with his work, though I appreciate what he does and the risks he takes in downtown Kharkov, but this is something else. You should... Continue Reading →

Soldiers of Failure

I would like to write about the what President Putin said at the plenary session of SPIEF yesterday. , I would like to write about that because of its relative importance among all the other things, and there are plenty of those, which could be discussed. But, after consideration, others will most likely be doing... Continue Reading →


Well, if Andrei Martyanov can feature Alan Price videos simply because It Is Friday..., then, I reckon so can I - even if for me it is Saturday. Here is something you may never have heard before. It is a short, sub two-minute movie scene fill-in from the same movie (which I don't recollect ever... Continue Reading →

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