Russia’s Legitimate Military Targets

I grow tired of defending the reputation of Russia, because it is so not necessary, and whether I do or not (and Russia really does not need my help on that score) the west will just keep on spewing out lie after lie, over and over. And in any case, who really believes anything the west says about anything these days? So I am going to attempt to restrict myself to simply reporting Russian progress towards its stated goals – and then only when something significant happens.

But first let me restate what I have said several times before. Russia, unlike the west, is not a band of brigands intent to take over the world for nefarious intent (and that description does adequately, though not completely, fit the west). Russia is a noble, upright, truthful and honourable nation which demonstrates time and again that it operates from a position of the highest integrity. None of those fine attributes can be ascribed to any part of the west. And that is beginning to be recognised around the globe because of the old saying – ‘Actions speak louder than words’. On top of that, and as a direct result of Russia’s SMO in Ukraine, it is now clear that fear is diminishing. Fear of the beast. Fear of US/NATO/EU oppression. The unaligned (and some previously west-aligned) nations of the world are seeing there is another way. A better way. Western democracy has not lived up to its own standards, expectations or promises. A new way to prosperity, and more importantly, peace, has opened up and is slowly growing in the eyes and minds of many national leaders – and a people growing more aware of what goes on around them are beginning to raise their hopes for the future.

I am not going to speak of how much of that future is realisable here, because I don’t want to dampen the enthusiasm that is tangibly beginning to appear. And whatever future that mankind may be able to extract for itself, it will be all the better for having first cut away and disposed of the cancer of the western malevolence.

So, for one more time only, I hope, here is a debunk of current western lies.

Almost every day news media in the west have reported almost the exact opposite of the truth of on any given event occurring in Ukraine in stories they chose to feature over the whole of the four months which have so far elapsed of the Special Military Operation by Russia in what used to be the Ukraine.

The story of recent damage to a Kiev residential block, is no exception. This is the story as told by Australian ABC News online. A pack of blatant lies…

‘Ukraine latest: Russian air strikes hit Kyiv, leaving one person dead and 6 injured’

That would be absolutely outrageous, if it were true. But the most absolutely outrageous thing about it is that it bears no resemblance to the truth.

The real story is that the Ukraine forces shot down one of their own poorly maintained S-300 air defence missiles with a BUK-M1 air defence missile and the debris crashed on a residential block building. That is the only rational explanation for the recent damage in Kiev. That true story, or one much closer to the truth, is revealed in this article by Moscow based VZGLYAD online news…

‘Ukrainian air defense forces destroy Kiev with “friendly fire”‘ – VZGLYAD

Because this article is written in Russian, and some readers may not have means to translate – and because what it says and explains in detail is quite important to the argument, I am sharing an english language translation below. It also contains some useful links to other writing…

Ukrainian air defense forces destroy Kiev with “friendly fire”

A Ukrainian S-300 missile landed on a residential building in Kiev   June 27, 2022, 20: 55
Photo: Sergey Chuzavkov / Keystone Press Agency. Global Look Press
Text: Alena Zadorozhnaya,
Raphael Fakhrutdinov,
Daria Volkova

The Ukrainian military destroyed a residential building in the center of Kiev with their own missiles. As reported by the Russian Defense Ministry, when repelling an attack by Russia on a military plant, one Ukrainian air defense system shot down missiles of another system. As a result, one of them fell on a residential building and exploded. All the Russian missiles hit the target. Why does the tactic of protecting military facilities lead to such mistakes by the AFU air defense units?

On Sunday, Mayor Vitali Klitschko reported that a rocket hit one of the houses on Lukyanovka-a well-known historical area located close to the city center in the Shevchenko district of Kiev. As a result of the destruction, most local residents were evacuated.

Also, the Ukrainian media reported the death of one man and serious injuries to his wife, a Russian citizen Tamara Zaitseva (first and last name changed-approx. VZGLYAD newspapers). Moreover, photos of the Russian woman’s passport, which were widely distributed on social networks, became the basis for accusations against Moscow.: “Russia is firing missiles at its own citizens in Ukraine.”

However, the day before it became clear that the multi-storey building was destroyed not because of a Russian missile hit, but as a result of incorrect operation of Ukrainian air defense systems. “It is behind this house that the Artyom defense plant is located, which produces air – to-air guided missiles and artillery shells. The photo shows what flew through the factory’s workshops, “the Telegram channel” War on Fakes ” writes.

Already on Monday, these considerations were confirmed during a briefing by the official representative of the Russian Defense Ministry, Lieutenant General Igor Konashenkov. He saidthat the Ukrainian Armed Forces mistakenly shot down two of their own S-300 anti-aircraft missiles with Buks. One of them, presumably, fell on a residential building.

“On June 26, the Russian Aerospace Forces launched a strike with four high-precision air-launched missiles on the workshops of the Artem rocket and Construction Corporation in the Shevchenko district of Kiev. This enterprise produced ammunition for Ukrainian multiple launch rocket systems, ” the Defense Ministry said in a statement.

“The Kiev regime made attempts to intercept Russian high-precision missiles with anti-aircraft weapons stationed in the city. Ukrainian crews of the S-300 and Buk M1 anti-aircraft missile systems used more than 10 anti-aircraft missiles. Due to the lack of interfacing of air defense launchers and radio equipment located in urban areas, two S-300 anti-aircraft missiles were shot down in the air by Ukrainian Buks. Presumably, one of the downed anti-aircraft missiles fell on a residential building, ” the Defense Ministry said. (Ed. [Notsomethingelse]: this included link points to a Telegram video which, since I neither use or recommend that platform, I cannot show)

At the same time, this is not the first time that due to the work of the Ukrainian air defense system, missiles or rocket fragments fall into residential buildings in Kiev. In late February, the media reported that the Russian military allegedly attacked a multi-storey building on Lobanovsky Avenue. The Russian Defense Ministry drew attention to the nature of damage to the building, which indicates that an anti-aircraft missile hit it, and thereby denied the involvement of the Russian Armed Forces in this incident.

Similar cases were also recorded in the districtsDarnitsa andKurenevki. In addition, in March and April, rocket attacks were also carried out on the same Artyom plant, as a result of which the Ministry of Defense reported the destruction of some production buildings of the enterprise by high-precision long-range weapons. That is, this goal is well known to the Russian military, as well as the objects located around it.

“As for the actions of the Ukrainian air defense systems, the lack of coupling, which was announced by the Russian Defense Ministry, is a huge problem and a risk, first of all, for the people of Kiev themselves. It’s like trying to connect an analog TV to a digital broadcast. Without a special prefix, this cannot be done, ” military historian and director of the Air Defense Forces Museum Yuri Knutov told VZGLYAD newspaper.

“S-300s come in several versions. And if some are designed to protect troops, then others are designed to protect stationary objects. There is no direct compatibility between them, and they cannot dock automatically. This can only be done manually. And if you do it incorrectly, then serious mistakes are possible, which lead to incorrect capture and firing of targets, ” the expert said.

In addition, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have long concentrated air defense forces not around the perimeter of Kiev to protect civilian infrastructure, but inside the city’s districts in order to protect specific military facilities, factories and enterprises. “The problem is that they are located in a residential area. And in the case of the Buks, the missile is first fired into a certain square, and only then the semi-active homing head is turned on. And until the head is activated, the rocket is not controlled, so it can easily hit a residential building, ” the source says. It is worth noting that the situation when troops conduct erroneous fire on their own, in the military environment is called “friendly fire”. One of its causes is an error in aiming.

The purpose of the Armed Forces of Ukraine “in this case is obvious,” the expert says. “Official Kiev, paradoxically, uses the people of Kiev as a human shield. The Ukrainian leadership does this specifically to blame Russia for the destruction of civilian infrastructure. The same applies to the story of a Russian woman who was the victim of unprofessional actions of the Ukrainian military, ” he explained. Experts interviewed by VZGLYAD newspaper also believe that

Ukrainian military personnel do not fully understand the key principles of air defense systems.

“So, the operational duty officer of a regiment, division or air defense corps, who has the right to give an order to fire in the absence of the brigade commander, accepts a work card when going on combat duty. It shows the points within the boundaries of responsibility of this unit, the destruction of which cannot be allowed, ” explains the former head of the anti-aircraft missile forces of the Special Forces Command of the Russian Air Force, Sergey Khatylev.

“These data should certainly be taken into account when firing combat missiles. And in the air defense forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, such a task is not set – they shoot anywhere. They don’t care what is on the ground – a special object or a civilian quarter,” Khatylev said. In addition, according to him, “during live firing, all regiments and units adjacent to this compound must communicate with each other through the operational service.”

“This way, everyone understands what the goal is. This data is also transmitted to a higher-level command post. This is how the unified notification system works. It can be used to take measures to minimize the likelihood of rocket debris hitting residential areas or to notify the population in advance of a possible threat. The Armed Forces of Ukraine no longer have any of this,” the source complained.

“Also, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have long used inadequate tactics to protect military facilities located among civilian infrastructure. In this connection, the question arises: what could the Russian Armed Forces oppose to this?” – the expert asks.

“Here, in addition to pinpoint strikes on enemy air defense forces, sabotage work is needed, thanks to which Ukrainian air defense systems can be disabled. Also important is the very fine work of intelligence, with which we could track the movement of enemy equipment, neutralizing it away from residential buildings. Unfortunately, it is hardly possible to carry out such operations without losses, but we are quite capable of solving such tasks, ” Khatylev concluded.

To wrap up this subject I will say something about the most recent up-chuck [most commonly spelled without the hyphen, but I quite like the hyphen – it kind of give the words more projection and signifies they operate together but not conjoined] the significant up-chucking of the west, accompanied by energetic hand-wringing, arm waving, shrieking and mock wailing, over the destruction of legitimate military targets in Kremenchug, occasioned by the pin-point aim of precision Russian missiles, and only coincidentally spreading extraneous damage to adjacent buildings due to the senseless positioning of such targets within facilities so closely situated to unrelated non-military structures by the Ukraine forces themselves. It is total madness on the part of whoever it is that makes such ridiculous decisions in Ukraine, and does not detract in any way from Russia’s perfect right to protect its own forces by destroying the paraphernalia of warfare assembled against it, wherever it may be found.

In any case, and further strengthening that right, it is an axiom of Russian military practice to prevent harm to civilians and civil structures wherever and whenever possible. I don’t think anyone could argue against that.

TASS – Foreign weapons, mercenaries in Ukraine are Russia’s legitimate targets — diplomat

This incident, again lyingly portrayed by the west as an attack on civilians, took place I think on Monday June 27, the day after the Kiev affair, although it could have been the same day. You may well have seen related images or video footage of a burning shopping mall. Russia was again not to blame. The actual target (which was directly hit) was adjacent to the shopping mall and contained weapons and ammunition which exploded, causing the fire. The fact that Ukrainian forces had deliberately stored this volatile gear close to civilian facilities (a favourite ploy of theirs – as are schools, kindergartens and hospitals), was the direct cause of the blaze.

The TASS article linked below gives the story and I want to highlight some of the excellent commentary by the Russian First Deputy Representative to the UN, Dmitry Polyansky, at the UN Security Council on Tuesday. Mark well his words (all emphasis is mine)…

“The only thing Kiev wants from you is your money and your weapons. You must realize that the arms you deliver, as we warned you from the very start, are our legitimate military targets, just like mercenaries coming from your countries. Facilities where those weapons are stored and mercenaries deployed also become our legitimate military targets,” he told the UN Security Council on Tuesday.

In his words, “warehouses at the Kremenchug road-building machinery plant were exactly such targets.”

“The Kiev regime deliberately stores weapons in central areas of Ukrainian cities, next to residential quarters, putting lives of civilians at risk and turning people into a human shield,” the diplomat continued.

No matter how hard you try to prove the opposite, we did not and do not target civil and non-military facilities,” Polyansky added.

TASS – Foreign weapons, mercenaries in Ukraine are Russia’s legitimate targets — diplomat

That said, I will leave it there. What more could I say? Russia is opposed by idiots and sadists – which I think is just another description of nazis, or if you prefer – fascists.

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