Not “Living The Lie”

I was inspired today by a shared post on Facebook, recommending the video you will find below.  Inspired enough to reshare it and also to make this declaration.  I hope that any and all readers may find this useful. •♦•♦•♦•♦•♦•♦• A Declaration of Personal Independence and Integrity I am human. I am an individual. For... Continue Reading →

Hearsay Extrapolated – Amnesty Claims Mass Hangings In Saydnaya, Syria, Provides Zero Proof

Sarah Abed, a Syrian American, with relations living in Saydnaya, Syria, reveals the fake-newsiness (colloquialism for 'outright lies') of Amnesty International reports of mass hangings by the Syrian government. How low is the West willing to sink in its already scraping of the bottom of the barrel in credibility and trust? Of course it is... Continue Reading →

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