Voting for Hillary Clinton was never an option

Thank you for penning this ‘crime sheet’ on Mrs Clinton, Sarah. I have been meaning to do something like that myself, but now that she has slipped into relative obscurity (hopefully for ever) I would never have gotten around to it. Re-blogged on my own site.

Incidentally, I think you are doing a good thing here, down the ‘Rabbit Hole’.

3 thoughts on “Voting for Hillary Clinton was never an option

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    1. Yes, well, I’m always cautious about recommending people to others, Bev. We all need to make our own judgement views, but Sarah is friends with a number of people who I have also come to respect recently and I have been looking at her work on this new blog and more historically on FB. I like what I have read and it is good to have some ‘insider’ views and news on things pertaining to the Middle East region. She demonstrates grit and courage.

      There is an interesting radio podcast in which she features on Fox News (of all places) that will provide a good feel as to who she is. I recommend it (starting at around 9:50 in):

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