A Lesson In National Leadership

"Putin can opt not to sign constitutional amendments if citizens don’t back them" - TASS Do you want to see an example of democracy in action?  Get up to speed with what is going on in Russia just now. There is no greater democratic statesman anywhere in the world than Vladimir Putin.  A man who... Continue Reading →

Good Apples; Rotten Apples

"Russia’s UN envoy: accusations of Russia, Syria at UN SC totally groundless" - TASS The UN must stop using or even professing to use unfounded information from dubious and unnamed sources on civilian casualties in Syria's Idlib province.  The true situation is nothing like that offered by UN Under Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Mark Lowcock, a... Continue Reading →

Syrian Arab Army Continues Run Of Victories Over Terrorism

Marvellous news for Syria as its successful army (SAA) liberates the city of Maarat al-Numan and surrounding areas from the NATO backed, al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and various other ignominious groups.  You lose again, NATO. Also being cut off and surrounded is the third (out of 12) Turkish observation posts in the area... Continue Reading →

Facing An Unknown Climate

The latest visible effect of climate change - no monsoon season so far this year for southern hemisphere - surpassing all previous records. "Latest monsoon onset for Darwin on record is now a certainty despite recent rain" - Australia ABC News We haven't seen anything yet of course on what the full effects of our... Continue Reading →

Trump’s World – It’s Only Make-Believe

"2020 Starts With the Plain Prospect of Rising Heat" - Tim Radford via The Titanic Lifeboat Academy The UK Met Office, based on measurements and forecasts by the Mauna Loa Observatory, estimates a 10% increase in global atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations for 2020. US President Trump, of course, suggests that we ignore such forecasts coming... Continue Reading →

Looming Defeat For US Imperialism

Pressure is mounting on the US to leave Iraq.  Their position there surely cannot remain tenable for long.  The position of the Iraqi government itself is also on equally unsteady ground.  Iraq is ready to assert its sovereignty as a nation that has been deprived of that since the US invasion of 2003. This is... Continue Reading →

Supporting Something Useful

Every year I donate $20 to the Wikimedia Organisation, the home of Wikipedia, which I use extensively as a primary reference tool, not expecting anything back other than the service they provide.  I don't support many things financially (never give to charity) but something useful, like Wikipedia, is Okay by me - if only to... Continue Reading →

Just A Matter Of Time

"How long until drought-stricken towns run out of water?" - Australia ABC News We are living in the end-times of modern human civilisation.  I have said this many times before of course, always with complete conviction, yet also always mixed with a little faith in the inevitability of that.  Today, in 2020, not so much... Continue Reading →

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