Good Apples; Rotten Apples

“Russia’s UN envoy: accusations of Russia, Syria at UN SC totally groundless” – TASS

The UN must stop using or even professing to use unfounded information from dubious and unnamed sources on civilian casualties in Syria’s Idlib province.  The true situation is nothing like that offered by UN Under Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Mark Lowcock, a British economist and civil servant.  What can he possibly know of war or terrorism?  Or even who to trust as reliable informants?

The UN of course is a composite body comprised of a whole barrel of different people, and as in any barrel of apples there are good apples and rotten apples.  The rotten apples must not be allowed to contaminate the rest of the barrel.  Lowcock, while he has a distinguished record of public service, is obviously one of the rotten apples, either by allowing himself to be misinformed or by his representation of a whole other barrel of similarly sourced rotten apples – the UK government.  

How do these people get to be in positions of power and influence?  There is obviously something very wrong with the way this world is run. 

Russia’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Vassily Nebenzia, I should add, is one of the good apples – which is not surprising since the Russian government is full of those – having recently undergone a cleansing to oust any suspect bad apples – and is prepared for a brighter future than many other nations, while making concerted efforts to lend a helping hand to many of those nations – especially those plagued by the influence and duress of bad apple nations.

Before I leave this theme I seem to have wandered into, while Australia is well known as the originator of the saying “she’ll be right”, there is another lesser known saying that Aussies use, with the same meaning: “she’ll be apples”.  It is unfortunate that by association with other bad apple nations, Australia appears to have its own homegrown government (and opposition) rife with rotten apples – though some of them, I suspect, are simply misinformed – and therefore possibly curable.

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