‘Deal of the Century’? Which Century? Not This One

“UN remains committed to MidEast settlement on basis of previous resolutions — spokesman” – TASS

It is good to see the UN standing up against the US for once, and rightly so. Trump’s new magic formula, or “deal of the century” as he calls it, is going nowhere.

The UN cannot diverge from its long held position – that’s what ‘resolutions’ are made for – independent ‘wheelers and dealers’ don’t get to dictate UN policy, and the Palestinians won’t have a bar of it either. Neither party will settle for anything less than pre-1967 restoration.

Think again, Donald. If you want to make deals, they have to be inclusive deals made jointly by all parties. No Johnny Maverick stuff allowed. Don’t you read history?

Here, read this. It couldn’t be stated more plainly, in words that even you should be able to understand:
“Palestine ready for talks with Israel only under Middle East Quartet mediation — Abbas” – TASS

And while we are on the subject, Russia should keep its nose out of the pie also – except to back up the UN if it feels that it should. President Putin is a brilliant statesman but his misguided religious leanings (I probably shouldn’t have said that – but it is how I feel) tend to make him favour Israel far more than he should. And we don’t want interference such as this to start up:
“Russian lawmaker says it will be ‘common success’ if sides start talks on Trump’s plan” – TASS

So, it looks like it is time to stand up for the right solution. And that is the one held by the UN for many years. This can only lead to tensions in the Middle East region, as sure as eggs are eggs.

Well, it is 2020, the year when everything will tend to blow up in somebody’s – or everybody’s – face. So why not? We have already narrowly escaped – although it may come back – Iranmaggedon. Then there was Bushfiremaggedon. We are bang in the middle of Coronamaggedon …and we are not yet out of January 2020!!

So why not add ME-Dealmaggedon to the list? At least that one is geographically situated in the right spot for all things ‘-mageddon’ – if you are so inclined to that sort of belief scenario.

This year is going to get a heap dirtier and a whole more dangerous and imflammative* before it… goodness, it’s far too early to talk about the year ending – though we may wish for that to happen soon.

*Yes, that’s a word. I checked. Even though the spellchecker doesn’t know about it and many major dictionaries render it as its rather less satisfying modern near equivalent – ‘inflammatory’.

‘Deal of the Century’? Which Century? Not this one.

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