“They Are Done”

My previous post was mainly about a man I have heard about only very recently - Riccardo Bosi. And yet, as soon as I saw and heard him speak, I intrinsically knew (this is not something that occurs with any regularity) that there was something special about him. Well, I am even more convinced about... Continue Reading →

Australia, Showing Signs of Life

There is still some life left in Australia. Something of the anti-colonial spirit. Something of the great 'Eureka' fighting attitude against oppressive and constrictive government. Not to mention, poorly advised, ill-fittingly aligned, and weakly led government (and I am not just talking about the current one). All I want to do today is to show... Continue Reading →

Hear, Hear!!

I joyfully acclaim the recent article by Australian-based former Barrister at Law, James O'Neill for New Eastern Outlook. My acclamation for the article is joyful. My acclamation for the content is also joyful. What is not in the least bit joyful are the circumstances under which such an article needed to be written. Australia is... Continue Reading →

When Will The West Shed Its Juvenility And Achieve Adulthood?

"Australians flagged in Shanghai security files which shed light on China's surveillance state and monitoring of Uyghurs" - ABC News Australia Wait one fucking minute!  This is talking about data supposedly hacked from a Chinese Police database.  Isn't alleged Chinese hacking one of the things Australian authorities, along with a range of other western misanthropes,... Continue Reading →

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