When Will The West Shed Its Juvenility And Achieve Adulthood?

"Australians flagged in Shanghai security files which shed light on China's surveillance state and monitoring of Uyghurs" - ABC News Australia Wait one fucking minute!  This is talking about data supposedly hacked from a Chinese Police database.  Isn't alleged Chinese hacking one of the things Australian authorities, along with a range of other western misanthropes,... Continue Reading →

Something to Ponder

I've said recently that I find nothing much of importance in current events.  The issues that matter are not generally up for discussion.  Trivial things like pandemics, elections and trade, occupy the global mind and of course the perennial East/West war which thankfully has so far been restricted to words and thoughtless, bad-tempered, perhaps even... Continue Reading →

Dealing With The Important Things

I break my silence of several days to stand in solidarity with Australian James O'Neill and his recent article shared below. Why have I been silent recently and at this time of emergent global forces that cry out for publicity, recognition, and general attention that will not be found anywhere, truthfully related in the prominent media?... Continue Reading →

Chasing Asylum

Australia, my home, has lost its way. If I were to ask myself the question - " What good has Australia done in the world in recent times?" or "What has been Australia's greatest achievement?" - the only honest answer I can come up with is we "stopped the boats". 'Stop The Boats' is one... Continue Reading →

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