Protester Talks With Police Officer At Melbourne Protests

A clear case of ‘We’re only following orders’. Where have we heard that before?

And that is exactly why TPTB can get away with what they are doing. For how long though I wonder?

Sooner or later there will be a breakdown in law enforcement. It appears that will only come when police are asked to do what they simply cannot do. The same goes for the military. They are all people too, and I’m sure they have their limits. Until then, everybody suffers.

The trouble is, that breakdown may not come before everybody is injected and on the same course to die as those clueless cowards and weaklings who have already succumbed to a vaccination regime of unremitting death and injury.

TPTB may not have factored into their plans that there are those of us who would rather die than give up our freedom to stand up for our right of personal choice over what happens to our body. We will never submit to becoming property of the state. The Community should never, ever, be seen as of greater importance or value, than the Individual.

‘Following orders’ can only result in another fascist holocaust. Is that where Australia as a Federation or any of its individual Sovereign States is headed?

And this is a small sample of what they want us to submit to…

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