Fossicking in the Rubble of the West

"Australia wages espionage offensive against China: source" - Global Times I don't have words to express my loathing of what Western culture has become, and perhaps always was, in that it apparently believes that everyone else is as deplorable, untrustworthy and morally depleted as they are.  Australia, my home country, is of course no exception... Continue Reading →

Uncle Sam and Auntie Semitic

One of the most misunderstood words in the English language - mostly due to ignorance and a paucity of education on the part of those who tend to use the term - is 'antisemitism' or 'antisemitic' (frequently misspelled by the same ignoramuses as 'antisemetic'). Let's try to dispel some of that misunderstanding, with an image... Continue Reading →

A Moment of Dry Mirth

I know I said earlier that nothing was worth reporting about any more but I just had to bring this to your attention.  It is an amusing send up of the Australian government and its attempts to hide its dirty doings under a national security blanket by a well known (in Australia) comedian and satirist,... Continue Reading →

Where To Focus?

I seem to have dried up. I have nothing to say (for now). Usually there is no shortage of events, mostly global in nature and occasionally local to myself, which jump out from the background of meaninglesss chatter that we refer to as 'news' and on which I have been drawn to comment in the... Continue Reading →

Trump Monster’s New Useful Idiot

Take a good look at the face of this man. He is one of the Trump monster's new useful idiots - supposedly the US Special Presidential Envoy for Arms Control.  All suit, no brain. He is the same man who recently said (and this is all we need to identify his 'type') - "The president... Continue Reading →

Potentially Final COVID-19 Update

I haven't updated on COVID-19 for a while.  There no longer seems much point in doing so.  Any pattern there was in the data - the reported data I should add - no longer exists.  Is that suspicious?  I should say so.  The images below tell the story. The world today passed the 7 million... Continue Reading →

Which Way The Wind Blows

These are challenging times for all of us, from nations down to individuals like you and I.  The times are also changing (when in recent years have they not?) and nothing is what it seems.  It is no wonder then that people in all walks of life are becoming - perhaps understating the situation -... Continue Reading →

Dealing With The Important Things

I break my silence of several days to stand in solidarity with Australian James O'Neill and his recent article shared below. Why have I been silent recently and at this time of emergent global forces that cry out for publicity, recognition, and general attention that will not be found anywhere, truthfully related in the prominent media?... Continue Reading →

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