Dealing With The Important Things

I break my silence of several days to stand in solidarity with Australian James 
O’Neill and his recent article shared below.

Why have I been silent recently and at this time of emergent global forces that cry out for publicity, recognition, and general attention that will not be found anywhere, truthfully related in the prominent media? Well, precisely because there are now so many discrete (that means ‘singularly separate’) outbreaks of newsworthy events occurring all over the world right now, that my own world would be completely overwhelmed if I attempted to address all of them.

I have, in any case, done my part already to address that by warning for several years that this year of 2020 would present as a remarkable confluence of many simmering pots of intrigue, oppression, suppression, and of an unbalanced and collapsing global paradigm. If you didn’t notice that before, then you must surely see that now. I can tell you that at this point, not far from mid way through the year, amid all the chaos that has materialised so far this year, we have yet seen nothing of what is still to come. I do not feel adequate to express that in terms any more clearly than I have done in the past. 

However, I do feel that I can, not in my own words, but by sharing the words of a fellow countryman, express my contempt and disgust at the madness that has overtaken my own country in the last half century and more particularly in the last 20 years. Madness at the top levels of government (and it doesn’t matter what government presides) concerning our fawning and grovelling to America in preference to the sensible course and to the detriment of our relation to the Republic of China – our major trading partner and the only source of our wealth and well-being.

Please take the time to read this frank and brutally honest piece by James O’Neill. I personally stand behind every statement it contains. I can do no more than that at this time.

“Australia and How the Corona Crisis Raises Wider Geopolitical Issues” – by James O’Neill, an Australian-based Barrister at Law, exclusively for the online magazine New Eastern Outlook.

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