In the US-China Economic War the US is Irrelevant.

What’s my take on the US-China economic war, now playing in real time on the same planet you and I are standing on?

In the US-China economic war the US is irrelevant.  How so?  Well… this…

Quote (from linked Global Times article):

The Chinese people are pragmatic and hardworking. We have constructed a comprehensive manufacturing system and built the technological ability to make breakthroughs. We also have a vast market. Hardly can such a country be isolated and contained. 

The China-US “battle” over Hong Kong is on. The US is free to play any cards in its hand. Hong Kong is under China’s sovereignty, and whatever act Washington passes is just wastepaper. 

Amid the long-term competition with the US, one of the most important tasks for China is to build up its internal vitality. We have sufficient means to resist external blows, while internal flexibility and vitality are sources of subsequent stamina. In the end, China is competing with itself. 


“Era of US intimidating China over: Global Times editorial” – Global Times


What’s my second take on the US-China economic war, now playing in real time on the same planet you and I are standing on?

Well… the problem with that may be…  is quite likely to be…  could well boil down to…  if those who were once top dog decide they are not happy with being somehow irrelevant, kind of impotent, and having few choices left, they may decide that if they can’t have it all, nobody is going to have any of it.  At all.

You know what I mean?  They are just about at that level of bat-shit crazy.

And they are moving towards (you keep up with these things don’t you?), making rude and threatening noises about, gearing themselves up for, just that.

We should be expecting that. You are expecting that, aren’t you? Or at least placing the possibility somewhere on a growing list of potentials that could (or will) materialise into something that is going to spoil your day or perhaps even upturn your lifetime plans?

Of course it could also just be a case of their usual huff, puff, and bluff.

And then there are of course, China’s real problems. Not least of which is “In the end, China is competing with itself.”  But that’s a battle I feel sure they can win.


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