Blood From Stone

One might ask the question as to why it has taken the Shell oil company over thirty years of experimention in Colorado to realise that there is no profit in trying to extract blood from stone, or oil from shale. An article just published on and originally on Resource Insights relates how Shell has... Continue Reading →

Gender Roles In Collapse

Today I read this excellent article titled 'On Gender, Collapse, & Communities We Can All Abide' by Katherine Acosta at the website and was disgusted, though not surprised, to be awakened to the blinkered misogynist views of such otherwise eminent writers on societal collapse and related subjects as Dmitry Orlov and James Howard Kunstler.... Continue Reading →

System Thinking and the Informal Vote

George Monbiot, an author, political commentator and a columnist for The Guardian UK, occasionally gets things right and I have to agree with much of what he says in this article presented by the Permaculture Research Institute Australia. I felt I should comment on his piece by relating why I voted informally (mostly due to... Continue Reading →

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