Gender Roles In Collapse

Today I read this excellent article titled ‘On Gender, Collapse, & Communities We Can All Abide‘ by Katherine Acosta at the website and was disgusted, though not surprised, to be awakened to the blinkered misogynist views of such otherwise eminent writers on societal collapse and related subjects as Dmitry Orlov and James Howard Kunstler.   I am sure that there must be others with similar gender biased views who could also be added to this list.

It continues to amaze me that many of my own gender continue to think of themselves as somehow superior to women when it comes to role allocations, limits and separation when in terms of organisational skills, command and vision at all levels, they (we) have consistently demonstrated that they (we) are incapable of even successfully organising a shit to Werribee and that it is entirely down to them (us) that the world in in the calamitous state of decay and imminent collapse that we now find ourselves.

In spite of the modern advances gained by the feminist movement, we still live in a largely male dominated world and that fact by itself speaks volumes for why we are where we are today.

As the article says, we need to re-examine and re-establish matrilineal forms of society such as those of the Native American tribes where the energies and excesses of the male lines were held in check by the roles and respect ascribed to the female.

Note that there is a world of difference between matrilineal and matriarchal.  A matriarchal (female dominated) organisation of society would be just as damaging (I expect, though I don’t know of any real examples) as the current patriarchal, male dominated situation that is prevalent around the world.

Note also that Christianity especially, and pretty much all religion (generally tied in with male god figures), tends to favour and sustain the patriarchal system. It seems to me that would be a good starting point to begin dismantling the current system.  Good Luck with that enterprise.

Read the article for yourself.  I am sure that it will be found interesting whether you are an adherent to collapse scenarios or not.  Beware, if you are a woman, it may get you fired up to take a more leading role in managing your life and relationships, and the injustices of male domination in world affairs.  Don’t blame me if it does.

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