Prisoner Swap …and then what?

So the prisoner swap between the Kiev government and the DPR/LPR republics of Donbass, the only thing of any value that has so far and probably ever will come of the Normandy Four meetings, has taken place yesterday 29 Dec 2019.  A total of 124 people to Donbass and 74 to Kiev, were swapped. "Decision... Continue Reading →

Low Morale of Ukraine Military

It's a tough life in the Ukrainian army - and I'm fairly sure it is not through over-training. "Ukrainian army suffers 25 non-battle losses in a week" - DAN News In a week where the force received 25 non-battle losses - the causes are listed in this DAN article - this is not an isolated... Continue Reading →

Useful Satisfaction ≈ No Progress

So, the Normandy Four meetings held on Monday are hailed as having been both useful and satisfactory.  Does that equal 'success'?  Well, only if you consider success to mean nothing has changed and no progress has been made.  TASS has produced 5 separate stories on this today, none of which indicate that anything happened which... Continue Reading →

Normandy Four – Designed To Fail

Tomorrow, Monday 9 December, is going to be an important day in more ways than the one I talked about in my previous post.  It will mark the latest summit meeting of the so-called Normandy Four in Paris, ostensibly to "look for solutions to the conflict in Donbass". It will fail.  It will fail, as... Continue Reading →

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