Prisoner Swap …and then what?

So the prisoner swap between the Kiev government and the DPR/LPR republics of Donbass, the only thing of any value that has so far and probably ever will come of the Normandy Four meetings, has taken place yesterday 29 Dec 2019.  A total of 124 people to Donbass and 74 to Kiev, were swapped.

“Decision to hand over former Berkut officers to Donbass was “political” — Zelensky”

A number of those released by Kiev were former Berkut riot police arrested in 2014 following the Maidan uprising. Remember at the time, this was the government of the former Russian leaning president Yanukovich, and the riot police were said to be hard on the protesting nationalists (aka nazis), and accused of shooting many of the protesters. That was not the case of course, and they have never actually been tried in court. The snipers involved in the shootings, it is now known, were actually CIA thugs (which I have reported elsewhere) paid to raise the riots to a new level of violence and paving the way for the toppling of the government and the installation of a new US puppet government in Ukraine. That is now all part of history, which the US, however much it is denied, will never be forgiven for staging. 

You can read some of that story here: “Kiev court rules to release former Berkut riot police officers on own recognizance” 

So, these ex-police were actually the ‘good guys’ (if riot police can ever be thought of as such), enforcing the law, not killers, and over a thousand of them were wounded in that US sponsored unrest.  Some of them, recognising they were now marked men, wisely fled to Russia where they are serving the community as members of the Russian police force and ironically needing to deal with similar CIA inspired unrest there.

“Russia: Berkut officers join Russian law enforcement units” 

…while those who remained in Ukraine have been treated badly and made examples of in that now overtly nationalistic nation:

“Ukraine ‘Berkut’ Anti-Riot Police Pray For Forgiveness”

So, that is over now. The decks are supposedly clear. So now, what? I am not sure where else this process has to go. Some trumped up agreement to pursue a dead-end agenda, half-heartedly signed by both sides and a few disinterested onlookers? Maybe. It could also, more honestly, simply collapse through lack of interest by the main participants – all of whom are, or were, part of a previous version of Ukraine – now a three way split. Somehow they have all got to deal with that.

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