Comparative Analytics…

Take a look at this Syrian town in Idlib province, recently liberated from terrorism by Syria’s army, the SAA. Yes there is damage there, inevitable in warfare (and through years of terrorist occupation), but compare that to how Raqqa looked (and still looks 2 years later) after the US coalition had finished with it.

“Strategic town of Jarjnaz in Idleb southeastern countryside after liberating it from terrorism”

Syrian forces and their Russian partners take care not to damage their communities more than necessary to root out terrorism. You would of course have a different picture if you only read Western media reports or listen to the shrill bleatings of the terrorist hordes complaining of bombings and civilian deaths and dispersals resulting from them. But, in truth, the best care is taken by Syrian and Russian air units not to damage property or inflict injury on civilian areas, targeting only the hideouts and bunkers of the terrorists themselves wherever possible. This is obvious if you make the comparisons I have suggested above.

So who now tells the right story? Who should you believe? I think you can make a good judgement on that.

Yes, the terrorists are dying in large numbers. Yes, their families are in danger and are being displaced from homes they have purloined for too long. Yes, many of them will also die. Such is fitting and necessary to rid Syria of the trash that has invaded it for so long, both local and mainly from other trash sites around the world. Good riddance to them. May they find no place to rest. May no place be a place of safety for them. And may all the doubters and bleeding hearts in the West be silenced.

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