This Is Your Final Wake Up Call

Canada seems to be waking up. Photo courtesy of Alana Phillips on Facebook ...and here's another similar viewpoint from Diane Rizun on Facebook So, I repeat, Canada appears to be waking up. Meanwhile, here in Australia, all I can hear is the sound of zzzzzzz's. Our final opportunity, maybe, to wake ourselves up (before we... Continue Reading →

The Australia Option

This post inspired by: Canada to Withdraw Jets From ISIS War "Canada to Withdraw Jets From ISIS War"?  OKaaaay.  Well, how about us (Australia) then, Mr Turnbull (new Aussie PM)?  Are you listening? We have no more interest in being there than Canada has, so there's no excuse, is there? If those trigger-happy Yanks want... Continue Reading →

Let’s Fuck Their Shit Up!

A Growing Concern In recent days I have noticed a growing trend towards advocacy of the implementation of Civil Disobedience to achieve particular activist goals. I can't say that this is at all surprising.  Not in the least.  Take a look at the world we live in. Frustration abounds.  Having seen what is possible through... Continue Reading →

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