“Bye Bye America” – Part 2

You can't, with any hope of retaining much in the way of credibility, say on one day "Bye Bye America" - a story of societal collapse - and on the very next day say "Is America Really Collapsing?" - another story of societal collapse with a note of hope at the end.  Yet this is... Continue Reading →

“Bye Bye America”

America, as I have long and often suggested, is in a state of social collapse. Is that down to Donald Trump? No. The process has been going on for decades, as Umair Hague maintains in his latest piece 'Bye Bye America' on Medium's 'Bad Words'.   "One bad leader didn’t make all of this true — decades... Continue Reading →

American Exploits

The American dream was always an unreachable and unworkable myth. Yet some Americans still cling to the idea and other Western nations still attempt to emulate that mythos. For fuck's sake, why? The dream could never become reality without exploitation. It needs an underdog to be trampled on, robbed and taken out of the picture.... Continue Reading →

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