Planet Earth: What Goes Around, Comes Around

I said yesterday that climate change was not the greatest threat to humanity this century, and that is true.  We are at the same time as climate issues are developing, also moving into a greater than in any previous period threat from global conflict and pursuant potential nuclear catastrophe (with singular thanks to the aggressive... Continue Reading →

Reprising an Oldie but Goodie

To complement my previous post yesterday, I have dug out, brushed off and dusted (but not altered) something I wrote just over 7 years ago. Surprisingly, or not surprisingly to me, since I mostly try to write stuff that will not easily date over time, it still holds good after 7 years. Does that make... Continue Reading →

Nothing Makes Sense Any More

Nothing in this world makes any sense any more.   The chief concern of global authorities, governments, and indeed many people has been redirected onto a minor new illness that will kill perhaps a few hundred thousands of people or even eventually maybe a million or so while interupting economic growth for maybe only a short... Continue Reading →

Facing An Unknown Climate

The latest visible effect of climate change - no monsoon season so far this year for southern hemisphere - surpassing all previous records. "Latest monsoon onset for Darwin on record is now a certainty despite recent rain" - Australia ABC News We haven't seen anything yet of course on what the full effects of our... Continue Reading →

A Childhood No Longer Available

Here's something interesting. "See how global warming has changed the world since your childhood" It will take some time for you to go through this but you would probably be well advised to take that time.  It is made by Australians and mostly covers the Australian situation but obviously has connotations for the rest of... Continue Reading →

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