In The End The Bugs Will Win

The world, your world, my world, our world, is standing on the brink of something. For me to try to describe what that something may be, even if I could - and yes, I can describe aspects of it to some degree - would be pointless and perhaps even misleading due to the inadequacy of... Continue Reading →

No ‘Captain America’ Required

Did my previous post on a foiled US murder attempt on the life of President Lukashenko of Belarus seem rather incredulous?  Well here is more detail from the blog of The Saker, confirming it.  I use only trusted sources for the stories I share.  There is no need to sensationalize anything the US does, and... Continue Reading →

“Gurgling And No Answer”

That recent phone conversation from Fake President Biden to Russian President Putin is becoming notorious for the US charades it has revealed isn't it?  The latest news is that Mr Putin put it to Ol' Joe that the US was planning a coup in Belarus, including a May 9 assassination of Belarusian President Lukashenko, the... Continue Reading →

“We need to face reality”

I wanted to talk of war, which is becoming an imminent and ever-present danger to all of us, but today, something else intervened and which I feel I must share. Tessa Lena is a young woman who is growing in my estimation - I receive a weekly email newsletter from her - occasionally a little... Continue Reading →

Behind the Scenes in World Play

Public domain image from link in linked article You want to know what's going on in the world?  Well, first you have to know where to look ...and it may surprise you to know that your local, national or even international news services, print, radio, TV or the more well known online sources, are not... Continue Reading →

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