“We need to face reality”

I wanted to talk of war, which is becoming an imminent and ever-present danger to all of us, but today, something else intervened and which I feel I must share.

Tessa Lena is a young woman who is growing in my estimation – I receive a weekly email newsletter from her – occasionally a little off-key but generally uplifting and informative. Today she published a video podcast interview with Mark Crispin Miller who has long lectured on propaganda. Now, I don’t know an awful lot about Professor Miller – I’ve heard the name of course – but it seems the establishment is trying to silence or even ‘cancel’ him, and what he says in the brief excerpt below gives me the impression that he knows what is going on in the world and is not afraid to express it openly.  That seems a good enough recommendation to me.

The full interview goes for 2.5 hours (a link is found within the article below) and, with my previously expressed distaste for long podcasts, I neither have the 2.5 hours nor the personal will-power to sit for that long (in a single sitting) to listen to and watch it. I have watched some minutes of it (to be continued later) and the whole of the 11 minute excerpt.

‘My conversation with Mark Crispin Miller’ – Tessa Lena – Tessa Fights Robots

I have to say this is something well worth taking the time to hear (and see, and read).

I can talk of war later.

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