A Perfect ‘Alternative’ Interlude on the Effectiveness of Propaganda

I just came across something I simply must share here.  I was looking more into the background of Professor Mark Crispin Miller and stumbled on this, not altogether professionally made video, of a speaking event by a number of ‘alternative’ – for want of a better description – experts, made in 2017 but I doubt would have been seen by many. Well, here’s your opportunity.

Ostensibly it is about ‘Understanding US regime change in Syria’ but it expands on that to cover a wide range of issues, with quite a few very dramatic moments including a very vocal interruption of prof Millers speech by an establishment academic (whose identity I did not catch) at the 10:30 point in the video. 

The video makes excellent viewing (for most of the time) and cemented prof Millers credentials for me as someone well worth listening to and who is well equipped to handle himself with dignity in the face of belligerent vocal opposition, in this perhaps the most crazy, confusing and definitely highly manipulated period of human history.

Please enjoy:   

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